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SolarFX Frontline PPF

Our new Frontline Paint Protection Film is another great product that supports our customers’ expanding businesses and strengthens their reputation. Frontline PPF has been comprehensively tested and proven to not only perform, but will last in any environment. From its aggressive adhesive to its flawless appearance and self-healing properties, Frontline has set a new standard for the industry. The road is a battlefield so give your car’s paint the ultimate Frontline defense.

PET Protection Film - 2Mil
Self Healing Coating - 0.8Mil
Thermoplastic Polyurethane Film - 6Mil
Removable PS Adhesive - 1.2Mil
Matte Silicone Release Liner - 3Mil

Starting at $275 for 18" Hood and Fenders

Starting at $325 for 24" Hood and Fenders

Contact us at 303.800.3150 for a specific quote on your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra): Services
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